Creative Director Amy Dighton wrapped up college in the early 2000s with a degree in Sociology and like many young liberal arts graduates with little experience in anything she said " Umm what's next?" She quickly landed a marketing job and got her feet wet in the dental marketing world. After a few years,  Amy stepped out of dentistry to help an up and coming dry bar salon. (If you can make a root canal sound appealing than you can basically market anything right?) During this time she learned all she could about branding from graphic design, photography, web design, and SEO.

In early 2016 Amy decided to pursue freelance as a one woman branding and social media business from home. Amy Dighton Design, which she started as more of a hobby, quickly grew to have a reputation around town for quality work, creative edge, and reasonable pricing.  In her first year she even had clients outside of Louisiana and across the globe to Australia! 

Two years after opening, it was clear Amy was ready for bigger and better things but to get there she had to find a team.  She also decided to change to name to Clover Creative Agency. From a mom working on her couch to offering full service agency level services. Now with a dedicated team of fellow creatives, Clover Creative Agency launched January 2019.

At the end of the day Amy is a mother first. She created her business to give her children more than she had growing up. She uses her gut instincts and creativity to treat your business with the same motherly attention and quality it deserves. When your business succeeds so does Clover. The past few years have been a ton of hard work with a little luck. She believes in building relationships with her clients to fully understand their vision. If you read the reviews you will see time and time again clients praising her dedication. As the company grows she will never step down as the creative director and driving force of the company. Every client matters, no matter how big or small and every detail is important to her as the owner. 


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